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Register to Do the 2 for 2! It’s 14 days worth of fun challenges to test your nutrition and fitness knowledge and begin making small behavioral changes to improve your wellbeing. If you miss a few days in-between each challenge, that’s ok. Just come back for the next challenge. We’ll even send you email reminders. You don’t have to be a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana member to participate, so let’s get started.

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how do you do the 2

Get Creative & Do The 2!

People across the state are telling us how they "do the 2" to live a healthier life. It can be as easy as taking the stairs, parking farther from the store or playing with your kids. Whatever you do, we want to know! So, how do you do the 2?

Here, you can see how a few other members are doing the 2 or you can submit your story here.

How I Do The 2!

I eat protein, veggies and fruit. I get a treat periodically. WALK! Down 30 lbs from September 2016.
- Allison, Watson
Right now, I am getting familiar with my treadmill again. Will do better starting January.
- Prenellia, Baton Rouge
start doing more exercise , eat more veggie, limit bread and sweet
- marilyn , monroe

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Tell us how do you do the 2? In 22 words or less, tell us how you live a healthy life!

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