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family health

Do The 2 Together

Keeping your family healthy can be fun when you do the 2 together. It's important for both adults and kids to eat right and move more. Adults are very influential in teaching healthy habits to kids. Visit our “family tips” under the eat right and move more sections for ideas and suggestions on healthy living as a family.

Move More

When you set a good example by being active, your kids are sure to follow. Regular physical activity can bring immediate and long-term health benefits to both children and adults. When you teach good activity habits early, kids are more likely to remain active in adulthood. Remember, activity does not have to mean exercise, just get moving!

  • Ride bikes
  • Fly kites
  • Play catch
  • Go fishing
  • Play soccer
  • Go bowling
  • Walk the dog
  • Dance

Activities for Kids

Use the resources below to help your kids learn about exercise and healthy eating through games and activities.

Eat Right For Kids

​Move More For Kids

Smart Bodies

Smart Bodies, a joint initiative of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation and the LSU AgCenter, helps to prevent childhood obesity through hands-on learning in grades Kindergarten through five. This interactive, educational program teaches children how to build strong bodies and develop active minds through components like 2 step 4 kids classroom curriculum. To find out how to bring Smart Bodies to your child’s school, visit

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